SBP Research Kit capsules

Encapsulate your own microbial culture in a Ready to Use bioreactor for research applications

SBP Reserch Opportunity

Ready to use bioreactors, effectively support microorganism growth and proliferation in aquatic mediums and water saturated ground.

The highly affordable SBP Research Kit is changing how experiments are done in research laboratories.

SBP Research Kit capsules are shipped sterile & can be populated with various types of microorganisms including bacteria, archaea, yeast and other types of fungi. Population is completed within minutes.

Research Applications

Water treatment (Nitrate removal)

Soil contamination treatment

RAS systems (Aquacultures)

Microbial Ecology

Microorganisms Quorum Sensing

Dialysis device


Problems the Research Kits Solves

Immobilizes microorganism in suspended form the same as in natural growth.

  • Immobilizes microorganism in aquatic and confined environments.
  • Makes it easy to choose the culture type and keep confined in aquatic medium for 60 days without losing culture or allowing infiltration by another microorganism.
  • Allows the calculation of microorganism concentration inside the capsule.
  • Enables control of the biomass implementation site, as it is the largest encapsulation platform (2.5 cm long).
  • Capsule empowers new studies & water treatment processes that previously were not possible